WordPress Migration

Experience a hassle-free transition with our WordPress migration service. Whether you’re switching hosts or upgrading your website, our experts handle the entire migration process seamlessly.

Website Migration

Migrate your WordPress website without loosing any traffic, SEO or marketing budget with HiCoder experts.

E-commerce Migration

Migrate your WordPress eCommerce store to WooCommerce or any other WordPress platform with 0 marketing loss.

App Migration

Migrate WordPress App to a new app without loosing traffic, or experience with HiCoder Experts.

Server Migration

Migrate from shared hosting to dedicated VPS hosting with loosing any traffic with our experts.

Cloud Migration

Migrate to AWS, Azure Google Cloud or any other cloud with HiCoder experts with 0 marketing loss.

WP UnCloud

Cloud can be pocket burning for some businesses, bring it back to a VPS setup with HiCoder experts.

UI/UX Migration

Migrate from any design to WordPress and without changing the user experience with HiCoder.

CMS Migration

Migrate from any CMS to WordPress or request a custom migration by HiCoder Experts.


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Migrate from Anywhere

Discover the most popular migrations happening from X-CMS to WordPress.
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Powerful migration for professional businesses

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eCommerce Platforms

Powerful migration for professional businesses

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